Who We Are

We are the experts when it comes to how your company is affected by legislation across Canada related to product stewardship and extended producer responsibility.

Amongst our client base you can find numerous well known national and international corporations as well as small and medium sized companies. These organizations rely on us to help them through the minefield of stewardship responsibilities in Canada.

Our company started business in 2004 as consultants in a variety of disciplines with experience in manufacturing, engineering, logistics and environmental sciences. We quickly realized that our knowledge and expertise could be best applied assisting small, medium and large corporations in understanding and fulfilling their obligations, principally in the growing world of legislated stewardship programs across Canada.

Throughout Canada there are a great number of provincial stewardship programs which target companies of all sizes and backgrounds to register, report, file data and pay fees as brand owners or first importers of products into the respective provinces. These legislated programs place responsibility squarely on brand owners and first importers to comply with the law or face penalties which can be far reaching and expensive, both for the company and its officers. In the main the penalties are financial in nature but can also include Jail for offenders who are deemed to be responsible. Our aim is very simply to help you avoid or minimize these possibilities.

The various legislation across the provinces cover everything from product packaging, to hazardous waste, to tires, to waste electrical/electronics, to used paint and oils and the list is growing with appliances on the horizon for some provinces. This is done, primarily, through what have become known as Industry Funding Organizations (Or IFO's). These are set up to allow brand owners and/or first importers to assume responsibility for what happens to their products through the product lifecycle and take what has become known as Extended Producer Responsibility for this. Same examples of IFO's across the country are Stewardship Ontario, Eco Enterprises Quebec and Product Care. The total list is quite large and requires detailed knowledge of these programs.

DMS has been involved in these processes since our inception and we are well versed in what they mean to you as a client.

Whether you are a small, medium or large sized company DMS can provide a solution which fits your particular needs. A good example of this is our packaging waste compliance program which is approved for use in three provinces requiring reporting on this specific program, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. It is simple in its operation, flexible in its ability, and powerful enough to manage even the most detailed of packaging needs. It runs on two platforms, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, which fits well with most of our clients' systems. In addition we customize other solutions to fit our clients' needs.

DMS delivers leading edge solutions enabling you to address and manage your ever changing EPR compliance challenges.