Determine The Solution

Our approach is always to determine the most effective solution for your particular situation. We believe the best way to do this is to enter into what we think of as a partnership. What this means to us is that we will find the most cost effective solution for our client.

This may be as simple as telling you that your solution is simply to file in a specific program which has a flat fee, typically in the low hundred of dollars, if that's the solution which fits your obligation. Our aim is to minimize your costs. By this we believe you will continue to utilize our expertise moving forward creating a partnership which benefits both our client and D. M. S.

Should a broader solution be required you can be assured that our aim will be to cement that partnership by providing you, our client, with the most cost effective solution that fits your obligation. Work that would take a team of people in a company weeks or months can be completed in a matter of days or weeks working with us. The cost saving in time and effort alone will typically cover more than your costs should you have attempted to find the solution on your own.